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Ulf Kristershon said that Sweden is fighting terrorism


Prime Minister Ulf Kristershon said his government will fight  crime  and terrorism.

“One of the most important things of this government is the fight against crime, organized crime and terrorism,” he said during a visit to Turkey.

Turkish President Erdogan has previously accused Sweden of “protecting Kurdish groups such as the People’s Protection Units and the Democratic Party”.

The Swedish government announced a few days ago that it has distanced itself from the two organizations. It is one of Turkey’s demands to accept Turkey’s NATO membership.

This afternoon, Prime Minister  Ulf Kristerschon  met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

Four cases related to the extradition of wanted persons to Turkey have not yet been decided by the Swedish government.

In those four cases, the Swedish Supreme Court ruled that there are obstacles to extradition to Ankara.

All of these are on the list of people that President Erdogan wants to hand over to the authorities of his country who are accused of committing terrorist crimes.

Former Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson said that the previous government did not have time to make a decision before the change of power in Sweden.



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